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What if, equiped with proper semantic tools, the actors of the Commoning could become leaders, acheiving and demonstrating excellence in managing a multiplicity of collective infrastructures, in a never experienced quality and collective benefits level? involves creating and providing access to a collective and documented directory of semantic management models, for the management of infrastructures and also the processes they support. That way, it offers a container of an integrated operations management and documentation tool, as much as operation manuals contents: « how to » efficiently manage different aspects of various infrastructure types. Yes, various.

These projects are :
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Ok, 6 doesn't look like a big number... But the work done there made it :

  1. Very much cheaper semantic wikis thanks to
  2. Demonstrated that operations and management semantics are transferable between contexts.

We now have experienced with operations and managing processes into real contexts like :

  • Work Health and Safety management
  • Issues/problems/opportunity management
  • Video production
  • Video content characterization (access to content and remixing purpose)
  • Social reforestation
  • Partnership info
  • Hospital Management (yes, we tried it! In a context we have to back up, but two years of development to be used in all the other willing projects, that's cool for me!)
  • Logistics

We invite to discover and experiment the many ways this management manual can be reused and collaboratively enhanced, to benefit services and goods production, adaptable in a wide variety of contexts.

Being initially developped in French, but with great multilingual possibilities, we also invite you to invest in this collective project by supporting us, either by proposing semantic models in English, by participating to it's English development, or, why not!, in a financial contribution.

You are welcome to contact Guillaume Coulombe at gcoulombe (a) for any comments or requests!

We also are working to transform Procédurable into a cooperative inspired of the Platform Cooperativism movement. Any help and support is welcome on that too. is shared under the Peer Production Licence.

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